A Quiet Condo Community in Blacksburg VA, located close to downtown and to Virginia Tech

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About Cascades Pointe

Cascades Pointe, has a new Home Owners Association board. This board is looking to make CP the premier community in Blacksburg. Can you help, give us your suggestions...

<p><b>A QUIET COMMUNITY</b></p><p>CP is a friendly and quiet community.</p>
<p><b>CLOSE TO BUS AND VT</b></p><p>CP is close to the city, public transportation and of course Virginia Tech.</p>
<p><b>NEW AND RENOVATED BUILDINGS</b></p><p>CP and the soon to be opened CPII over a variety of living arrangements.</p>

Living at Cascades Pointe

New to CP? Please have a look at the communities rules and regulations. If you have a question or problem, please contact the Board or talk to Raines Property Management.

All of the contact information is provided on the Contact Us button.

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A Great Place to Live

Cascades Pointe is a great place to live, earning 4-5 stars out of 5 on several ratings sites:

HOA Board Meetings

Meetings are held by teleconference every month and are open to all.  Please contact NRV Property Management for information on the next call.

NRV Property Management
Address: 331 West Main St. Suite 1 Radford VA 24141
Phone: (540) 320-5622 x4040

Unit Owner Web Portal